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Once you click create new app button and named your app name or project and clicked ok the app design page looks like the following above picture. You have to design the whole app and give commands to the functions in this page only. So today we are going to describe this page and what is the use of the layouts on the page and what are the uses of the particular options and how to use them.

This is used to switch between design and commanding page
the design page looks like the above picture only. the commanding page looks like given below picture.

Once you finished the designing of your app you need to give a command to them to make your app work so to do that you need to click this button once you click then a commanding page will be opened the page looks like the following.

Note that you need to give commands for each screen separately 

You will see the number of pages you created and will be able to switch between them through this option.

4)Add screen
To create a new screen you need to click this button and give a name to the screen like Home screen, contact screen, etc. you can name it whatever you want
Note that you can't change the name of the screen but you can change the title of the screen.

5)Remove screen
If you want to delete the screen you added just click this button or option when you are in the screen you want to delete.

Now let's describe the page layouts

In the left side of the page, you will get all designing tools layout like buttons, text box, sensors, share buttons, media, social, etc
In the middle, you will see a preview and design of app layout as shown below. You have drag and drop the components into the following preview screen. The design of the app is built in this preview screen only

Right of this preview screen, you find a components Layout here you will find what components or design materials you have drag and dropped in the app screen in order wise. By clicking the component you have added you will be able to edit that component and customize that option.

Below the Components layout, you will find a media layout as shown below. This is used to upload files to the entire app so that you can use the files anywhere in the app and any screen

Example:- if you want to upload a photo in all screens then you need to upload a photo in each screen by uploading the photo from your computer so without uploading it in each screen just upload the photo in media layout then you will get the photo in all screens so that you will save your time and work.

The right side of the component or media layout you will find a properties layout Here you will get all editing options of the components Like as I said you will be able to edit or customize the buttons, layouts, size of the components, buttons, text box, text.
Look at the example given the customize options of a screen.
To get the particular component properties just click that item in components layout you will find the customizable options of that item in here. An example is given below.

Example If you want to edit or customize the button. Once drag and drop the button in app preview layout just click on that button in Component Layout as shown below.

In the next post, we are going to explain the uses of the components

HAppy THunking.

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