Beginner Tutorial Introduction Thunkable AppInventor Makeroid AppyBuilder

When you sign in to the thunkable platform with your Gmail Account the thunkable Main page looks like the following.

Look at the above picture understand more about the functions of the following buttons.
By clicking Create New App button you will be able to create a new app we will describe detailed about it last before that let us look details about the particular options.


1)  This function is used whenever you are in the app project designing and want to come to the home page without any delay of loading page.

2)  This is an optional button of creating a new app by clicking this button also you will be able to create a new app

3) This function is used to upload the aia file from your computer. Aia files mean a copy your project file this function is the most plus point of app inventor platforms. with the help of Aia files, you will be able to store your project and continue it on other platforms also. Aia file means a copy of your design, project, and commands (blocks arrangement)

4)This function is the same as the above function but this is especially used if you are moving from one platform to other platforms and upload other platform aia file in another platform.

5)This option is used to upload the thunkable official aia files. Not very important.

6)You can Delete the app project if you want.

7)To save app

8)To save the app in multiforms like aia or apk files.

9)Not recommend knowing nothing important just leave it

10)This is used to Download aia file into your computer.

11)This is optional to download all app projects at once into your computer.

12)You can import the Key store from your computer. Keystore is used to identify your project

13)This option is used to download the app project keystore into your computer.

14)Before uploading a new keystore you need to delete the current key store to do that this option is used.


1) You can live test the app through your mobile with this option. To live test your app You need to download the Thunkable classic app from play store or App store.

2) You can live test the app by connecting your mobiles to your computer or laptop through a USB connection.

3)If your facing any errors during live testing your app with thunkable classic app try this option and connect again. (This is just like you reset your mobile phone if you face any some bugs).By clicking this option it will reset the connection and tries to fix the problem.

4) If the above function didn't solve your problem try to hard reset the connection and try again. It resets the entire connection so may be chances to fix your problems by hard resetting your connection.


1) you can generate a QR code for your app it will take some time to generate the QR code for your App instead of this we recommend to download your app to your computer with the second option.

2)To save you apk file into your computer this option used.


NO need to know about this, you will find some tutorial videos and their documents.

How to create a New App

Step 1

Click the Create New App option. Once you click the button or option you will see the following notification.

Step 2
Enter your App Name or project you can enter any name but you can't change the project name but you can find an option to change app name in app design page.
Once you enter your project just click Ok as shown the example of app or Project Name

Step 3
Once you click the Ok you will take to design page where you can design your app give function and coding. The entrance  page looks like the following

That's it, for Now, we will explain everything how to use and design, what are the uses of the following options and how to give commands for them and make app work well.

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Happy tHunking 😎😎

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