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The all new designed and dynamic Calculator app.This app was made in thunkable platform and also works in any other app making platforms.The app design was user friendly and dynamic theme powered.
Lag free app with professional design and commanded.Gives instant result with no time taken to analyse the result.





As a concern of adsense policy this app is mainly designed by following google adsense policy so this app never voilates the google adsense policies so no worries about the google banns your account.
we recommend to place less ads in the app as it is our opinion only you can place as many ads as you want.But remember placing more ads in one app is against of their policy rules. so think twice before you place more ads in the app.

If you are facing any problems with this app please let us know by commenting we will always ready to help you anytime.we will always welcome you to work with us.

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we are not the original Owner or Creator of this app.The original Creator of this app is some others due to some reasons we can't reveal the details.

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