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What is Notifier?
A Notifier is a non-component that comes in two flavour/types one is Alerts and another one is Dialogs.A Notifier is used to take attention from users or show a temporary message or alert to the user and Get a choice from user before proceeding to something.

Alerts:Alerts are used to show a temporary message or warning to user for example when user successfully sign up to your app then using alerts we can show a message like 'Congrats, Your Sign Up finished' and after a second the message will disappear.

Dialog:Dialogs are useful when a message requires the user's attention and in some cases, a choice before proceeding to something.For example if a user clicked on delete button then to show a alert dialog like "Are you sure, You really want to delete" Dialog notifier is used.
Dialog Notifier is three kinds

1.Message Dialog

A Message Dialog is used to show a readable message for user. Like the following above picture shows a welcome message.

2.Progress Dialog

Progress Dialog is used to show a loading message to user so that user can wait until the data is loaded like the following above picture shows.A progress dialog is not cancellable by user it must be cancelled by the dismiss programme dialog block from blocks editor.

3.Choose Dialog

Choose Dialog is used to take user choice before proceeding to something like the above picture.

Now let's see how to use this component and what are the customisable options it has and what are its properties.

Step 1
Just drag and drop the Notifier Component in the app screen like the following picture shows.

Note: Notifier is a non-visible component so you will not find it in app preview screen you will be able to find it in below the preview screen as the above picture shows.

Step 2
Once you drag and dropped the 
Notifier into app screen you will find the Notifier in Components layout and click the Notifier option there and you will find its properties in properties layout.Once you do that you will find the options to customise the Notifier as your wish. Notifier has less customisable options

Like the following picture shows all the customisable options it have.

Now let's know what customisable options are there and how to use those options and know what are their uses.

  1. This option is used to change the background colour of the Notifier through this change the background colour just click this option you will find an colours list in order and you can select one of those and if still didn't find what your looking for then you will be able to find custom colours in last of the list.
  2. This option is used to change the length of the notifier.
  3. This option is used to change the text colour of the notifier.
Note that the maximum customisable option also can be customised using the blocks we will explain about it in the next post.

Happy tHunking 😎😎

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