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What is Table Arrangement?
A Table arrangements is a layout that is useful when the content or components should be spaced consistently like in a bottom tabbed menu. Like the following example shows buttons are arranged in a spaced consistently.

You can increase the rows or columns in designer screen in its properties.

Now let's see how to use it.

Step 1
Just drag and drop the Table Arrangement in the app screen like the following picture shows.
Step 2
Once you drag and dropped the Horizontal Arrangement into app screen you will find the Horizontal Arrangement in Components layout and click the Horizontal Arrangement option there and you will find its properties in properties layout.Once you do that you will find the options to customise the Horizontal Arrangement as your wish.
Like the following picture shows the customisable options.

However Layouts are used for Design purpose so there will not be much customisable options.Although Table Arrangement have less customisable options than other layouts.

No lets know what are the customisable options does Horizontal Arrangement has and how to use those options and know what are their uses.

  1. This option is used to increase or add the columns, just typing the number in the input box the columns will be added to Table Arrangement.
  2. You can change the height of the Horizontal Arrangement by this option.
  3. You can change the width of the Table Arrangement by this option.
  4. This option is used to increase or add the rows, just typing the number in the input box the rows will be added to Table Arrangement.
  5. If this option is checked or enabled then Horizontal Arrangement component will be visible to users or else it will not be visible.

Happy tHunking 😎😎

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