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What is TextBox?
A TextBox is used to show a box where user can enter text in that box.User entered text value will be in text property. If it is blank, the Hint will appear in the box as a faint text in the box, can provide the user with guidance as to what to type.
Multiline property is used if the text can have more than one line. For a single line text box, the keyboard will close automatically when the user presses the Done key. But to close the keyboard for multiline text boxes, the app should use the Hide Keyboard method or rely on the user to press the Back key of the mobile or Tab.
Text boxes are usually used with the Button component, to give a particular for the text user entered.
If the text entered by the user should not be displayed, then use PasswordTextBox instead.

Now let's see how to use this component.

Step 1
Just drag and drop the TextBox Component in the app screen like the following picture shows.

Step 2
Once you drag and dropped the
 TextBox into app screen you will find the TextBox in Components layout and click the TextBox option there and you will find its properties in properties layout.Once you do that you will find the options to customise the TextBox as your wish.

Like the following picture shows all the customisable options TextBox have.

Now let's know what customisable options does it have and how to use those options and know what are their uses.

  1. This option is to change the background colour of the TextBox component. To change the background colour  of the TextBox just click this option you will find a colours list in order and you can select one of those and if you still didn't find the colour what you looking for then you will be able to find custom colours in last of the list.
  2. If this option is enabled then user will be able to click the TextBox and if it is not enabled then user can see the TextBox but cannot be able to click the TextBox and it can not do the command or run the programme. you can change this enable or disable in the blocks section also.
  3. If this option is enabled then the text in the TextBox should be visible to users in bold style like this example text-Text.
  4. If this option is enable the the text in the TextBox will be slightly crossed like this example text-Text
  5. This option is used to increase the text size by typing the size of the text as your wish just type the number and you will se the size change of text in the textbox.
  6. Here you will get font types like italic, normal, bold, means text style type.
  7. You can import the files of fonts or symbols from your computer means like home button symbol like this type files you will find them in online also.
  8. This option is used to change the height of the TextBox.
  9. This option is used to change the width of the TextBox.
  10. Text that appears faintly in the input box (TextBox) to provide a hint for the user what should they have to type in that input box. Faint text will only be seen or visible if the 'Text' property is empty in the properties Layout.
  11. This option determines whether if the text can have more than one line or not.For Example for a single line TextBox, the keyboard will automatically close when user presses the Done key after the text is entered. But to close the keyboard for multiline TextBox, the app should use the Hide Keyboard method or rely on the user to press the Back key of the mobile or Tab.
  12. This property or option restricts the keyboard to accept numeric input only means numbers only user can type in the TextBox.
  13. This is an Optional text that will display in the text box when user opens it.
  14. With this option you will be able to change the text alignment like whether the text should be appear in middle of the TextBox or right or left of the TextBox.
  15. This option is used to change the Text colour in the TextBox.You will find a lot of colours here.
  16. This option will be used to change the underline colour of the text.
  17. If this option is checked or enabled then the TextBox will be visible or else it will not be visible to users.
Tip:- That the maximum customisable option are also can be customised using the blocks in blocks editor we will explain about it in the upcoming posts.

Happy tHunking 😎😎

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