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What is Time Picker?
Time Picker is same as Date Picker But Time Picker Picks The Time from user when user clicked this button.
Time Picker is used to take time from user or from the Mobile default Time from user.
You can customise the Time picker layout like text size, front, Time picker colour, Time picker size, text colour etc through the properties.

Now let's see how to customise the Time picker layout and what are its properties.

Step 1
Just drag and drop the Time picker in the app screen like the following picture shows.

Step 2
Once you drag and dropped the Time Picker into app screen you will find the Time Picker in Components layout and click the Time Picker option there and you will find its properties in properties layout.Once you do that you will find options to customise the Time Picker as your wish.
Like the following picture.

Now let's know what customisable options does Time Picker have and how to use those options and know what are their uses.

  1. This option is used to change the background colour of the Time Picker. You can also change colour in Blocks editor.
  2. If this option is enabled then user will be able to click the Time Picker and if it is not enabled then user can see the Time Picker but cannot be able to click the Time Picker and Time Picker cannot do the command or run the programme. you  can change this enable or disable in the blocks section also.
  3. If this option is enabled then the Time Picker text should be visible to users in bold style like this example text-Text
  4. If this option is enable the the text in the Time Picker will be slightly crossed like this example text-Text
  5. This option is used to increase the text size by typing the size of the text as your wish just type the number and you will se the size change.
  6. This option is used to change font types like italic, normal, bold, means text style types.
  7. This option is used to import the files of fonts or symbols means like home button symbol like this type files you will find them in online.
  8. You can change the height of the Time Picker by this option
  9. You can change the width of the Time Picker by this option 
  10. With this option you can upload a photo to the Time Picker.
  11. This option is used to change the Time Picker shape you will be able to find the options here like rectangle, sphere.
  12. If this is enabled you will be able to show feedback to the Time Picker button.
  13. This option is used to change the Time Picker text just type the text you want in text box by this option
  14. with this option you will be able to change the text alignment like whether the text should be appear in center of the button or right or left of the button.
  15. This option is used to change the Text colour in the Time Picker.You will find a lot of colours here.
  16. If this option is checked or enabled then Time Picker component will be visible to users or else it will not be visible.
Tip:- That maximum customisable option also can be customised using the blocks we will explain about it in the upcoming posts.

Happy tHunking 😎😎

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