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What is Vertical Scroll Arrangement?
Vertical Scroll Arrangement is a formatting element in which used to place components that should be displayed from up to down.You can place more components in one Vertical Scroll Arrangement because it is scrollable means user can be able swipe the Vertical Scroll Arrangement layout to get hidden components appear by swiping from up to down or down to up.
This Vertical Scroll Arrangement Layout is used to place components from up to down one over one.
Scrollable arrangements or layouts can be useful for apps where if there is a lot of content like images or files that you may not fit within a fixed space.
Vertical scroll Arrangements are also useful if your are going to make Notes App, Gallery App, etc,.

Now let's see how to use it.

Step 1
Just drag and drop the Vertical Scroll Arrangement in the app screen like the following picture show.

Step 2
Once you drag and dropped the Vertical Scroll Arrangement into app screen you will find the Vertical Scroll Arrangement in Components layout and click the Vertical Scroll Arrangement option there and you will find its properties in properties layout.Once you do that you will find the options to customise the Vertical Scroll Arrangement as your wish.
Like the following picture shows the customisable options.

However Layouts are used for Design purpose so there will not be much customisable options as same as Vertical Arrangement.

No lets know what are the customisable options does Vertical Scroll Arrangement has and how to use those options and know what are their uses.
1. This option is used to set Align Vertical for components means when you drag components in Vertical Scroll Arrangement then components will be appear in center if set to center else if set to left it will appear in left like the following picture shows.

2. This is same as above option but used change Align Vertical means whether the components should be set in Top or Center or Bottom.
3. This option is used to change the Background colour of the Vertical Scroll  Arrangement.

4. You can change the height of the Vertical Scroll Arrangement by this option
5. You can change the width of the Vertical Scroll Arrangement by this option
6. With this option you will be able to upload an image for Vertical Scroll Arrangement.
7. If this option is checked or enabled then Vertical Scroll Arrangement component will be visible to users or else it will not be visible.

Happy tHunking 😎😎

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