How To Add or Delete Screens in Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

Sometime our app will need extra screens to design something.
Now let's see how to create another screen In Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor and any other platforms.


Sign in to your Thunkable Platforms

Create or open a Project which you want to edit or Design.

Once your enter in to your app design page you will find an option which is named as Add Screen in top right of the page as shown below picture.

Click that option and you will be asked to create a name for your screen and enter the name what ever you want and press Ok button as shown below in the pictures.

Note: This name will be used to switch between the screens when something programme taken place like when button 1 click to open another screen.

Now lets see how to remove the added screen or existing screen Expect Screen1(Screen1 Cannot be Removed)
First go to page you want to Remove or delete.

Now select the Remove screen on top right side of the page.

once you click that you will see a warning message and Press Ok button that's it the screen will be removed.
Message will be like this.

That's How you do it.

 Happy tHunking😎😎

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