If then Block Explained Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

If then Block is a Commanding which gives commands to components by analysing the result or comparing or gaining the results from the app or from component layouts commands properties etc,.

This is used to give commands by getting certain information or analysing the results or predicting the user choices etc,.
For example when you show a message to the user with options like an Exit? warning message then to give commands for the user choice this block is useful.

For Example when you show an Exit warning message like this.

To give command for a particular choice that was made by user this "If then" block is used.

Like this When The following message is shown to the user and if user selects To Exit the app option means "YES" this If then block is used to give the suitable commands or runs the programme and commanding code is like below ( Note: Coding can be created or arranged in multiple ways)

Else if the user selected the cancel option then coding function is set to default so there is no need to arrange the blocks or give commands, when user selects the Cancel option It will automatically Dismissed.

If then Block is used to give commands or run programme by analysing or comparing the user choices or results taken by the components or it's properties.

If is used to Analyse or compare the results or choices made by user or app components or their properties, etc,.

Then is used to command for a certain results taken by if process.

If then= Analysing or comparing and give suitable commands for their results.

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