Automatically analyse Data and give Results Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

In this post we are gonna tell you guys how to give by automatically analysing data from Tiny Db and give functions.
For example assume that app has 2 screens and Screen1 is for taking user Details and Screen2 is home screen.
So when user opens the app then he need to type his details in screen1 to enter into the home screen. But he cannot do the same thing again and again, if so he gets irritation so we need to store the details in TinyDb and when user opens app again we need to analyse the data and give certain commands to directly go to home screen without user typing his details again and again.

So now let's see how to do this.

For this we need to store details in the TinyDB and then later or when required we can get the value.

As an example we take Username and password form user and give commands.
Prepare the screen with components which details you need to take from user and store them in TinyDB.
We taken example as below (If you don't know how to do this)

Once storing Data in TinyDB is finished then we need to give commands so that it automatically analyse the details.

For that we need to use screen initialize block from screen blocks.
So now let's do this in step by step

Drag and drop screen initialize block as shown below.

Now attach If then block to Screen block and And block from logics to If block. As show below
Now attach Equal Block to one side of And block and attach Get TinyDB value block to one side of Equal Block and give tag name to it and attach Empty string to another side of Equal block and change equal block to not equal property. As shown below.
Do the same process as above and change the Tag name.And attach it to the another side of And block.

Give command in the then block to open home screen as shown
Thats it it will open home screen automatically when user gave his details previously.

Full code of our process.

Aia file :(will be uploaded soon)

Happy tHunking😎😎

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