How to copy blocks from one screen to another screen or app Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

As we know Arranging blocks is hard part in designing of app. Also we work hard for that and finish our app, But what about the if we need to give same blocks arrangement in another screen also.It is so boring to arrange the same blocks again and again and also consumes our time.

So let's know how to copy blocks from one screen to another screen or from one App to another App as well.
Maybe you already know about this or you just heard about it in somewhere. The key to copy the blocks from one screen to another screen or app is Backpack.
If you already know about this then just Don't waste your time just go and design your app (just Kidding)

We cannot copy the blocks with the method we use daily, because it is coding and programming.
For this we need to add the blocks to the backpack you can see the bag symbol in right side floating in the blocks page.And later we can copy the blocks from backpack easily.

So now let's get started in steps and know how to use backpack and copy the blocks.

Open the project and go to blocks page which you want to copy the blocks

If you want to copy a particular block only instead of copying all blocks just right click on the whole block and you will see some option out of that options select the Add to Backpack option that's it the block will be added to the Backpack.
If you want to copy the whole blocks then right click on the Empty place in the blocks page.And you will see a lot of options and select Copy all Blocks to Backpack.All blocks will be added to the backpack.

Now let's Know how to paste the blocks which are in backpack to the other screen in steps.

If you want to paste a particular block from the backpack then click on the backpack and just select the block or click on that block which you want to paste that block to the screen.
 You will see like this that what blocks are there in the backpack and select one of those and it will be pasted in the current blocks page.

If you want to copy all the blocks from backpack then just right click on empty place in the blocks page and you will lot of option and select Paste all blocks from Backpack.
That's it all blocks will be pasted and even you can have the same blocks in backpack in different projects also.

That's It
Happy tHunking😎😎

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