How to store user data in app Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

Storing Data of users in app is very important in app making or designing.When users uses a app a certain time and surfed or played a game for several time and closed the app and after some time he again opened the app to play it again then then app or game should have to start where the user stopped previously.Then user will be able to play the game again without any draw backs.If the data is not stored then user gets some irritation that he/she should have start again from beginning.
So storing of data is more important in Development of app or making.

So let's get started Now.

There are two types of Data storages are there:
1) Offline Data Storage
2) Online Data Storage

1) Offline Data Storage: The Data will stored in the system of users means It will be stored as App data in mobiles which can be erasable by user upon factory reseting his device or clearing data permanently and cannot be recovered.

2) Online Data Storage: The Data will be stored in the separate cloud storage and can be recovered even the users cleared the data of the app.

For Now let's Know how to store Data in Offline Storage means as App data.

To store Data there a component called Tiny DB in thunkable and other platforms.With the help of this component we can store data and get the commands easily and user can access any time their data.

Now let's completely know how to use and command this block in step by step.
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Drag and drop the Tiny DB component in App preview.

Prepare for something that you want to store data of the thing or data of user, here we made a password and user name of the user as an example to show you how to store the Data. As you seen Below

Now go to Blocks Page and Drag the key Component to store Data means that when user clicks or surfs something to store data.
As the above example once the user filled up his name and password then he/she have to click Save Button to save his Details and later used to something depends upon the app type.For example these details are required to enter into the app again some time later he again opens the app or to open or unlock certain options.
So here the key component is Save Button so when user clicks the button then we need to store those details in the system memory.

Now let's see how to command the blocks to store the data.Once you dragged the Key component then drag the "Call TinyDB store Value" block of TinyDB and attach it to key component as show below.

Now attach an Empty Text string to Tag block and attach Username text to Value to store Block as seen below.
And give a name to the Data in Empty Text String as we Type UserName in text box because we are saving the username of user to the System data.
Here we are able to store the Username to the Data storage(TinyDB), now let's do the same thing and store the Password also.

Now same as above attach an Empty Text string to Tag block and attach Password text to Value to store Block as seen below.Add another call TinyDB Store Value Block
And Give a name to the data.

Thats it the Data will be stored in the System and we can get the values any time.

We will explain in the next post about how to get or recover the stored Data from the App data/System.And we will post the Link below

How get the stored data of user Thunkable makeroid Appinventor

Link:-๐Ÿ‘‰Click Here๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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