Know Net Connection Enabled or Not Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

What ever the app your are making, the only reason behind making apps is earning money. To earn money we need to place ads in the app, But in this case ads will load when the user enables his data or wifi means to load ads or show ads then user must enable wifi or data in his/her mobile or device.
What if the user uses your app offline without internet connection then ads will not load or shown and you will not earn a single penny also.

So to earn money by showing ads we need to check that user enabled his Data or Wifi in his device or not. So we need to restrict the user using our app without Enabling his Data or Wifi. For this Thunkable or other Drag and Drop platforms doesn't have any special option, but thanks to the Extension Developers that we have The extension that which checks that Data or Wifi is enabled or Not.

Note:- There are several related extensions are there but we are now going to discuss about one of them.
And we are not the creator of the Extension, so all rights are reserved to the original creators or owners.

So let's Get started in Step by steps.

Download the Net Connection Aix file. (You can download the Aix file below)
Link:- πŸ‘‰Click HereπŸ‘ˆ

Upload or Import the Aix file to the project. You can upload the file through the Import option at last of the palette as shown below.

Once you upload the Aix file You can Drag And Drop the Component so Drag it to the App preview screen as shown below.

This component is invisible and Doesn't have any properties to customise it.

Now go to blocks page and Drag the Screen1.Intialize and attach the If then Block to it as shown below.
Now attach Call netconnection .is Online to If block as shown below.

Now we can Give the command in Then Block so let's give commands now.
Here we are redirecting the user to main screen where the Main content is there means Home Screen.
You can give different commands also.

Now press Setting Icon and add Else block to If Then Block as shown below.
Now here in else block we need to give the command that what should take place when Netconnection is not enabled.
Here we are using notifier to notify the user that he should enable his Netconnection in order to continue to use app as shown below.

Now that's it the Message will be shown to user if his netconnection is not enabled.
And here we given additional block that will close application when user clicks the Ok option and then he will again reopen the App after enabling his Netconnection to continue to use app.
And Blocks arrangement will be like this shown below.

Total Blocks Arrangement will be like this.

Aia File:- πŸ‘‰Click HereπŸ‘ˆ

This is additional method.If you face any problems with above arrangement

Happy tHunking😎😎

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