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Secret Notes Taking App With the help some thunkers in Thunkable community one of our blog community members made this app with user-friendly and with professional Design. The app was made by one of our blog community members and you are free to use it and also publish it on play store for free no need to pay money just download the aia file through the link we are given. Let us describe some specs about this app.

  • Better user-friendly UI
  • Easy to use
  • You can create a note easily
  • You can edit the previous note
  • You can change the color of the note
  • You can easily change the password
  • Calculator Icon
  • Calculator cum notes app
  • New note option is always on the top
  • It has sidebar
  • You can share notes
This is how the app design looks like.

After a note created the created note will go down and new note create option will be on top

Sidebar designed

Calculator theme so the only user can be able to access their notes

Dynamic and customizable settings to change the theme colors as user interest

The note view looks like this best friendly

Creators can change the theme and customize the app in to more professional.
And I'm sure this app is pretty well designed and made. And we also checked this app in 10 android mobiles and 2 tabs and it worked pretty well without any crashes or stop working.

Everything is fine and it stores notes in system so no one can access the files until you reveal your password to someone and it is fully accessible to you only and the password interface is calculator so no one can even think that it is a secret note-taking app if the app name and icon do not belong notes taking app.

The app is built with customizable settings and themes so you can change the theme setting and notes interface easily and the app is pretty designed with a latest and smooth sidebar.

As a concern of Adsense the app is mainly designed by following Google Adsense policy so this app never violates the Google Adsense policies so no worries about the google banns your account.

we always care your Google Adsense account so that's why we made this app by Google Adsense friendly design and follows their policy. So you can place ads in our app easily and we recommend to use fewer ads in our app as it is our opinion only you can use as many ads as your own. But remember using more ads in one app is against their policy rules. so beware of it and place ads in the app.

If you are facing any problems with our app please let us know by a comment we will always ready to help you anytime.we will always welcome you to work with us.

Apk file:

If you're using this you no need to pay a single penny for us, but if your using this app and published it on play store and earning some money and if you're happy with our app then you can fund us some money as you like. Funding us means a lot to us it gives inspiration to us and we would like to create more apps like this by your funding.we are always waiting for your response to our app.

Please let us know about our app by commenting below this post.

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