How to ADD share Button and Icon Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

Promoting the app is very Important to make Your App success but here promotion means not spending money in Ad networks like Google Adsense or Admob etc.
We cannot spend money on app promotion as it may an economical or personal problem. But instead of spending money on Ad networks, we can just promote the app through app only like adding a share button in our app. We can also add our other apps in one app by creating more apps option.
But we are not going to tutorial you on how to create More apps option.
In this Tutorial or Tip, we are going to show you how to add a share button or Icon and how to use it and command it.

So let's get started in a step by steps

Go to your project and also to the screen in which screen you want to add the share button or Icon and Drag and drop the Sharing component from Social palette to Design Screen as shown below.

Now Add a button to the Screen where you want to show the share button or Icon like In the Title of the Screen here we created custom Title to add icons or Components to the Title of the Screen as shown below.

Now customize the Button and turn it into Icon by uploading the files to it to make you your app more attractive to users as they like Icons more than the Text so turn this Button into Icon.
If you don't know how to turn components into icons or how to add icons to the app, then you can have the Tutorial here,
👉Click Here👈
Even though you change the button into an icon you need to customize it to increase or decrease the size of the icon to fit the app.
If you don't know how to customize the Button component then you can have the tutorial here,
👉Click Here👈

Now go to Blocks Page and Drag the When (share button) to blocks page.

Now Go to Blocks of Sharing Component you fill find all these blocks as shown below.
If you don't know what are their uses you can have the Tutorial here.
(sorry we don't want to waste your time, so we made a different post on the above blocks uses so if you don't know what are their uses then you can go to that post and know about them, else if you already know how to use them then you don't need to know about them, even though we describe about them in here it will waste your as you already know what are their uses, so we are not going to describe about the above blocks here)
👉Click Here👈

To make you understand more if you are a beginner, we are going to show you the easy way so that you can understand how this sharing component works.
So here we are only sending app link or message to the users.
Like when the user clicks on Sharing component then all the sharing will be shown like what's app, shareit, facebook, etc will be opened and the Message or Link which I placed will be shared on these apps.

Now attach the Call Sharing. Sharing Message block to the Share button as shown below.

Now attach the Empty Text String block to Message block of Sharing block as shown below.

Now add the Link or Message in the Empty Text String as we here shared the Link with Message as shown below.

That's it all done when a user clicks on the share button which we turned into Icon will open sharing option or apps and once the user selects the Option the message will be sent to others. And the other person can click the link and the website will open as we here placed website link.
To promote the app then get your app link in Playstore and paste the link then when other person clicks on that link then playstore will open and your app will appear in playstore.

we will again come with another tutorial in another post until then BYE...

Happy tHunking😎😎

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