Create Custom About Screen on Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

We already made a Tutorial and showed you how you can actually Remove made by Thunkable, Makeroid, Appinventor Promotion message from the App. But now we are going to show you how you can actually make your Custom About Screen or promotion rather than using Default option your app.
And this method is needed if you are using a custom title, as we also recommend you to make your own custom Title in the app instead of Default title to add components and also turn them into Icons to give your app a dynamic Experience to users and also making your app more professional.

Well Custom Title is must needed to Turn your app into more Dynamic, But custom About Screen does not need even though it's better to make an About Your app to show users about the app or yourself in one sentence like what Thunkable and other Drag and Drop platforms use their promotion message in about screen as it gives a little advantage to them.

Promoting your apps give you a little more Advantage to success your apps quickly. He or she would like to know about the app more like who created this app?. In this time by adding about yourself to About Screen by letting them know about your company like this "" so if the user interested in the app as he saw about the app then there may be chances that he searches about my website in google.
As like above, you add about your Company Name in Google playstore, You used like LT Apps.Ltd.
So by remembering your Company or keyword he/she may be search for your company in google playstore then your apps will be visible there and he/she may download your other apps.

If you don't know how to Create a Custom Title then you can have the Tutorial here.
👉Click Here👈

So as we said here we are using our Custom Title Instead of Default so that we can add a button component to it and turn into Three Straight Dots Icon and gives to command when a user clicks on that Button.
So let's get started in a step by steps.

Go to your app project and select the Screen where you want to add the Custom About Screen Promotion and add a Button to the place where you want to Add the Custom About Screen Icon or Button as we here we added a button at right of the Custom Title and we typed the Text of that button into more_vert as it is name of the Icon to make the button into Three dot Icon as shown below.

If you Don't know how to turn the Components into Icon, then you can have the tutorial here
👉Click Here👈

Now add the Notifier component also to the design screen. And notifier is a Non-Visible component so it will not appear in the Design screen.

Here we added notifier as it is the About Promotion notifier here in this situation means that when user clicks on Three Dots Icon (about button) then using this notifier we will create a promotion Message to show the users like the following Message as an example.
Now go to Blocks page and drag the About button which we renamed that button as we said at first.
as shown below.

Now attach the following block to the button block from Notifier as shown below.

Now attach Empty Text Strings to all three blocks as shown below.

Now Enter the Title In Title Empty Text String and enter the message in Message Empty Text String and OK Text in Button Text so that user clicks on that button when reading the promotion message you entered as shown below.

That's it how you can do it. Try it Yourself
Good Luck and

Happy tHunking😎😎

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