How to create Custom Title In Screens Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

To make a Dynamic App or as we know that maximum Dynamic apps are made with Icons In Title of Each screen to provide users a better designed app so that they will like that design of app and our app success chance will be more.
But in thunkable and other platforms we cannot add Button components to the Title of the screen, so to overcome this issue we are actually going to show you how you can actually create a custom Title to add different components and also change them in to Icons. Just Look Like the below example.

So let's get start that how to create a custom Title In thunkable or other drag and drop platforms in step by steps.

Now open the project and Screen, In which Screen you want to create a custom Title. And go to properties of that Screen and search for Title Visible option and Uncheck the Title Visible Option as shown below.
Once You unchecked The Title Visible Option Title will disappears from the App preview screen as shown below.

Now Drag and Drop the Horizontal Arrangement to the screen as shown below.
If you are preparing to create a Scrollable Title then use Scrollable Horizontal Arrangement Instead of Just Horizontal Arrangement.

Now set the Horizontal Arrangement Width to Fill Parent and Height to 9% as it is the prefect Size of the Title to the Screen. as shown below.

Now you can change the colour of the Arrangement and Add the components like buttons and change them into Icons. Lets's Add a Menu Icon Means Three Lines at the Left (The first picture in this post shows.)
Add a button component In the Horizontal Arrangement. As shown below.

If the Button Appears In the Centre of the Horizontal Arrangement then set the Align Horizontal to Left as shown below in the Horizontal Arrangement Properties.

Now upload the Material Icon Regular File and set the Button Font to MaterialIcon File and Name the Button Text to menu that's it the Button will be changed into Icon.
But you need to change the font Size to make it fit for the Title, for that just change the font size that's it.

By using this method we can create the Title with Icons like this. Just add Buttons and change them into Icons.

If you don't know how to Change the Components into Icons then You can have detailed Tutorial.
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Happy tHunking๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

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