How to Reload Screen In Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

Whenever we are making an App we need to provide maximum options to the users and make them happy to use our app. Here in Drag and Drop platforms, we may make the professional apps in these platforms but some times app will not automatically save the data and update those data without reloading the Screens in these platforms.
Some times depends upon the Type of App we also need to add the Reload Button also but somehow there is no such particular block available in These platforms. So let's know how to add reload option in these platforms and also how to reload the screen automatically when the particular command runs.
So let's get started is in a step by steps.

Add a button component where ever you want to place the reload option in the screen.

Now go to blocks page and drag and drop the When Button. Click block as shown below.
Now Attach an Open Another Screen Block to Button Block and Attach an Empty Text String Property to the Screen block as shown below.
Now Type the Current Screen Name in the Empty Text String as we here we added the reload button in Screen1 so we are typing this screen name in the text box as shown below.

That's it the screen will be reloaded again and the components will be initialized when reload button clicked.
You can also add the Icon to the Button component like Reload symbol. If you don't know how to add the Icons to the app then you can have the tutorial here.
๐Ÿ‘‰Click Here๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Here we added the Reload Button and given its a command to reload the screen when that button clicked. Now the Question is what about the screen should reload again and again when a particular Command took place that means when the user saved a data or something than to reload the screen user need to press the reload button but user get's irritation to reload the screen again and again when particular command has taken place by manually.
so let's make another way to reload the screen automatically when a particular change has taken place in the app.

Now Drag and Drop the To Procedure Block from Procedures as shown below.
Once you Drag and Dropped the To Procedure Block you will see a new block called call procedure block in procedures as shown below. Perhaps it will not appear at first until dragged the to procedure block.

Now add an Open Another Screen block to To Procedure block and also attach the Empty Text String property to the Screen Block and Enter the current Screen name as shown below.

Now It's all done the process what you need to do is just add the call procedure block to the other blocks where ever or whenever you want to reload the screen.
as the Example is given below.
As it is just to let you guys know how you can actually reload the screen manually or automatically.
Perhaps using this screen load method in every single time causes battery drain problems to users which actually makes users get irritation and prevents them from using your app. So use this reload method whenever it is must need.

That's It for Now we will come again with another tutorial soon.

Happy tHunking๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

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