How to Remove Made by Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

When we are making apps in Thunkable, Makeroid, AppInventor and other Drag and Drop platforms these platforms places a promotion message in the About section of the App which we creates. So many thunkers and app developers in these platforms don't know how to remove this option.Even though there is a block called "set about screen to" this block may be sometimes didn't work as it should be technical or developer made issue. But here we are actually going to tell you the two different way that how you can remove that promotion message and make your own message that actually works 100% in any platforms without a doubt. If you still didn't got the clarity about what I'm saying then look the below Image you will get the Idea what I'm or we talking about.

This message will be appeared when user clicks on the about option in app. ABout option will be appeared at the Top right side of the App screen with Three Dots. So when a user Clicks on that Three dots Symbol some options will Be visible at the Top Right Side like these option

Stop this Application
This will only visible when the Title Is set to Visible else it will not Visible.
Any way we recommend you to Prepare a Custom Title instead of using the Default title.
As If you create a custom Title Instead of Default Title You can also add different components into the Title and also you can change those components into Icons which makes you app looks More Dynamic to users, so better create a custom Title instead of Default Title.

If you Don't Know how to create a Custom Title then You can have the Tutorial here
๐Ÿ‘‰Click Here๐Ÿ‘ˆ

So let's get started about those Two methods which works 100% in step by steps.

You need to use method in each and every screen you have or else it will only work on which screen you set the message and in remaining screens promotion message will appears as usual.

Go to the project and go to Screen properties and Select About Screen as shown below.

Now Enter Your Message at first and the at last of your message add this code <!-- along with the message by giving a space between your message and the following characters as shown below.

Now the About screen Message will be shown like this as shown below.

This the Method1 and it is pretty easy, isn't it?
Now let's Know About another method it may be unnecessary but may be useful some times as well as also for your knowledge.
Let's get started in steps

Go to the project and go to Screen properties and Select About Screen as shown below. As same as Above method step1

Now add the code <!-- only in the About Screen Box as shown below.

Now go to Blocks Page and Drag the Screen Initialize Block to the Block place as shown below.

Now attach the Set About Screen Block to Screen Initialize block as shown below.

Now attach the Empty Text String Block to About Screen block as shown below.
Now Add your message in the Empty Text Box and also add the code <!-- At last as shown below.
That's it Now the Message will be shown like when user clicks on About option.

This method is Long method but some how it will also useful some time, so it's better to know all methods so that we can use another method when one method is not working.

Happy tHunking๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

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