Notes App aia files for Thunkable Makeroid AppInventor

Simple Interface Note Taking app aia file for free. You can change the app interface or theme and also some colors to the notes background.
Easy to use and simple UI so any can understand easily.
This app also has a sidebar to make this app more dynamic.

This app is built in thunkable and you can also use it in any other platforms also as the blocks are arranged in a simple way so that every platform can read the blocks and load properly.

App Creator Name:    N/A
App created In:           Thunkable
Can be accepted by:   All drag and Drop platforms.
Who can Use this file: Anyone

App Design Preview:

You can use this aia file for free and remember if you want to publish it into the play store them change some themes in the app like Icon and Theme background and also some button background so that your app will not get any copyright claims.

Aia File:
Apk File:

Happy tHunking😎😎

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