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Sharing Component is used to share files from one mobile to other person mobiles and also it is used to promote your app through your apps only without spending a single penny. Actually, this Component does multiple things like you can share File, Texts, Images, etc. But we need to know how to use this component to turn it into your advantage. Don't Worry we are going to Explain about it now in this post now.
So let's know what is this component before we start to know how to use them.

What is Sharing Component?
A Sharing is a non-visible component that enables sharing files or messages between your app and other apps installed on a device. This component will display a list of the installed apps (All Sharing Apps like Shareit, What's App, etc) that can handle the information provided, and will allow the user to choose one of the Displayed option to share the content with, for instance a mail app, a social network app or a texting app, and so on.

In usage the file path can be taken directly from other components such as the Camera or the ImagePicker, but this can also be specified directly to read from storage.
But we need be aware as because that different devices treat storage differently, so a few things to try if, for instance, you have a file called arrow.gif in the folder Appinventor/assets, would be one of the following:
  • "file:///sdcard /Appinventor/as sets/Lion.gif"
  • "/storage/Appin ventor/assets /Lion.gif"
So let's Get Started what are the properties and Blocks this Sharing Component have.
To know what Blocks this component has let's use this Sharing Component.
Drag and Drop the Sharing Component from the Social Palette to the App Design Screen. As it is Non-Visible Component it will not appear in the App Design Screen.

This Component Doesn't have any properties like Other Components as it is a Non-visible component.
So this Component Only has Blocks, Let's know what are the uses of those Blocks.
These are the Blocks It has.

The First Block Call Sharing. Share File is used to share the Files like Photos, Files, Aia Files, etc can be shared through this Block to use this Just attach the Empty Text String Block to the File Block and enter the File placed in storage as the example given below.

The Second Block Call Sharing. Share File With Message is used to Share the Files like The First Block shares but with this Block, we can Include message in Message block and Include File in File Block. So the Message will appear when sharing File
As an example given below.
The Third Block Call Sharing. Share Message is used to share the Text only not files like we can share Text and also Links Like your App link or Website.
As example Given below.
The fourth block is just a Sharing Block which can be used in Rarely so You don't need to know about this block as it is unnecessary for you now.

This is how this Sharing Component works.
And one Important thing that This block is Not Independent Commanding Block that means This Component is depended upon the Other Component which the other Component should pass the order to this Component and this Component will start the Programme.
So majorly a Button is used as Order Passing Component.

Here is the tutorial how you can Add the Share Icon and Give this Component a Commands in Step by step and it is Beginner Tutorial so if you're a beginner then you can have the clear tutorial here.
๐Ÿ‘‰Click Here๐Ÿ‘ˆ

That's it in this Post. See you guys again in Next post.

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