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Hi Guys welcome to My official blog PowerThunk.com With the Help of my friends and some success thunkers who got success by creating apps on thunkable, makeriod, App Inventor platforms we made this Blog to help new thunkers who want to earn money by creating apps and also who wants to learn basics of App Development. or App Creating Platforms.

Every Body Desire to earn money online and tries so many ways and didnt get success so they think that earning money from online is very hard.And they will stop Trying to earn money from online.
This blog is especially made for those people who tried so much and didnt get success and thinks earning money is hard.

But as we know that there are so many ways to earn money online.The first choice people choose to earn money online is Youtube, but now as we know that youtube came with so many strict rules like 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in last 12 months.Due to this earning money from youtube became too hard for small creators.

As of the above reason so many people thinks that earning money from online is too hard.

But still there is also best way to earn money from online.That is App development but as we know to develop an app we need to know some computer languages like Java,Xml,Php, etc,.

Due to this reason people don't show intrest on App Development.

But we can make a best and professional apps without learning java or programming languages with the help of App making platforms like Thunkable, Makeriod, App Inventor, etc,.

To create our desired or dream app we dont need to learn any programming languages.
But still we need to know some basics how to create apps on this platforms or websites.So thats why we made this blog to teach basics about those websites for new App creators.

We will teach here from 0 knowledge to 100 means we will teach you and makes you professionals on these websites.
These websites are not only helpful for creating new apps they are helps to learn basics about programming languages also.

This Blog is for those who want learn Basics and Create their own app on App creating Platforms.
We also Makes some Apps and Gives those apps for free in our Sites and also you will get All Apps Aia,Apk files and Extensions. So dont forget to subscribe our Blog.

You will learn each and Every thing in our blog about these app making platforms.

We also Gets You about Blogging Tutorials , Android Studio and also HTML and CSS with Java Tutorials.

Bonus we also gets you the other online money earning ways also.

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